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Roof Prisms

Roof prisms are also called “right angle roof prisms”or “Amici prisms”. In passing through the prism, the image is both deflected top-to-bottom and right-to-left. The hypotenuse of the prism utilizes total internal reflection (TIR) to reflect the image through the prism.Yutai's roof prisms are made of H-K9L(BK7) or fused silica, other optical glass is available.Yutai Optics' prisms are widely used in Binoculars,Spotting Scopes,Prism Diagonals in an Optical System,Optical Tooling.
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Diameter Tolerance:±0.1mm 
Angular Tolerance:±3' 
Surface Accuracy:λ/4@632.8nm 
Surface Quality:40-20 
Clear Aperture:>90% 
Coating:Custom Design 

Highly recommended Roof Prisms from Yutai Optics:
H-K9L(BK7) Roof Prisms,
Fused silica Roof Prisms,
Roof prisms with Silver Coating. 

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