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Klag Prisms

The Klag prism performs an image rotation. A spectrometer consists of a dispersive and a nondispersive axis. Placing the prism in front of the entrance optics of a spectrometer,the axes are interchanged. Very important for two dimensional samples. For example if a sample has to be scanned, instead, one spectrum should be taken with and one without the prism.
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Material:BK7/K9/Fused Silica
Dimension Tolerance:+0,-0.1mm
Height Tolerance:-0.05,+0.05mm
Deviation: 180°±3 arc second
Surface Quality:60/40 or better
Clear Aperture 90%
Flatness:1/4 Lambda


Spectroscopy of two dimensional biological samples
Spectroscopic detection of defects in solar modules

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