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Laser crystals rod by Changchun Yutai Optics

    Changchun Yutai Optics can produce many kinds of laser crystal rod for laser machines.  They can meet customer different requirement. Such as Nd:YAG, Nd:Ce:YAG rod is the most popular.
    Laser crystal includes Nd:YVO4、Nd:YAG、Ho:YAG、Nd:YLF、Ho:YLF、Pr:YLF、Tm:YLF、Yb:YAG、Nd:GdVO4、Nd:KGW、Yb:KGW、 Er:YAG、Er:YSGG、Er:Cr:YSGG、Ce:YAG、Ti:Sapphire、Er:Yb:Glass
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