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The Characteristics Of Neutral Density Filters: Absorptive/Reflective

Yutai optics’s both Absorptive and Reflective Neutral Density Filters in unmounted and mounted designs. Absorptive neutral density filters are available for the visible or near IR ranges and an AR-coated versions are also available. Reflective neutral density filters are available with a N-BK7, UV Fused Silica, or ZnSe substrate.
Reflective Neutral Density Filters have constant density values across the surface. The transmission to reflection ratio varies with density selection. In stacks, the total density is the sum of each filter’s density.
Absorptive Neutral Density Filters possess level spectral transmittance characteristics in the visible region and attenuate light by absorption with minimal reflection. Typically, neutrality and density of absorptive filters are a function of the material and the thickness.Since neutral density filters are held to a specific optical density, the thickness is only a function of the glass type. They are useful in light control applications for measuring instruments and exposure control in imaging. Spectral variations occur as optical density increases.
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