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Plate beamsplitters

Changchun Yutai Optics produce Plate beamsplitters,they split incident light into two beams of differing wavelengths. Plate beamsplitters have the splitter coating on one surface of a suitable window material.  Our quality range is coated on N-BK7 or equivalent substrates, our standard range is coated on white float glass and our economy range is coated on a soda-lime float glass substrate.  Aside from our economy range, all our plate beamsplitter are coated with a high quality dielectric beamsplitter coating for improved accuracy and performance with a multilayer dielectric anti-reflective coating on the second face to improve efficiency and reduce the effect of ghosted images.

Plate beamsplitters include varying grades of beamsplitters for use with laser, commercial and for visible applications. Our economy beamsplitters are also included in this product range and are often used in the entertainment and design industry, particularly in lighting applications and auto-cue prompting applications for TV and conferencing.

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