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Dielectric HR Mirrors

Features: High Reflectivity,Narrow Band and Broadband Wavelength are Available,Easy to Mount/Align and Operation. High-reflection (HR) Dielectric Mirror refer to coating layers of dielectric films on optical substrates, and are designed to achieve the highest possible reflectance, usually at specific wavelengths. Although engineered for best performance at normal (0) or 45 degrees angles-of-incidence, these coatings can be tailored for most any angle. Specially Dielectric HR Mirrors are suitable for the application of laser resonator cavity and return of light path.
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Materials:optical glass, white glass, quartz, silicon 
Surface Quality:20-10
Surface Figure:λ/10@633nm 
Clear Aperture:Central 90 of diameter 
Bevel:0.25mm x 45° 
Design Wavelength:480, 546.1, 643.8nm 
Diameter Tolerance:-0.00/-0.15mm
Thickness Tolerance:+/-0.1 mm
Centring Erro<3 arc minute
Coating:AR coating 
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